GEERCO, offers a varied colour range of Sandlime Blocks and Bricks together with special purpose (common) sandlime bricks for use below d.p.c, in footing and general brick-work and wide range of special shapes and sizes. Technicals and practical advice is readily available to Architects, Designers, Engineers & Contractors and our Technical Department is equipped to calculate your requirements.

Sample of any GEERCO brick can be promptly provided. The rapid and flexible GEERCO production process facilitates efficient mechanical loading of your vehicle or quick economical delivery including crane off loading to your site or lay down yard.

GEERCO-Sandlime Blocks and Bricks offer considerable advantage in both construction and finish

  • All standard Bricks are fully load-bearing.
  • Light and heat reflection, ideal for lightwell, stairways  and  other  internal   area, eliminates the  need  for plastering or decorating, (but provide ideal surface for plastering or rendering if desired).
  • Not subject to efflorescence or the resultant breakdown in adhesion between brick and  mortar.
  • Resistant to sulphate attack. 5. A smooth or textured, durable and decora tive colour finish to suit any environment.
  • Accuracy of dimension and consistency in shape   (more efficient  bricklaying and  savings in motar.)
  • Wide range of special shapes, (assists de sign and enhances appearance to abrasion, (do not attract dirt, easily maintained).
  • Permanent colour throughout the brick.
  • Hardness and resistance to abrasion, (do not attract dirt, easily maintained).
  • Cost comparable to many other bricks or alternative walling materials).
  • Rapid  and flexible production process providing efficient supply.

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