Technical Specification

Compressive Strength

Class 3
20.5 N/mm2 (3000 psi)

Class 4
27.5 N/mm2 (4000 psi)

Class 5
34.5 N/mm2 (5000 psi)

Density (Sandlime)




Thermal Conductivity (Sandlime)

K 0.5 w/m c


0.6 w/m C

'E' Value (Bricks laid in 1:1:6 Motar)

0.4 x 104N/mm2

0.45 x 104N/mm2

0.55 x 104N/mm2

Thermal Expansion


0.000014 per C


Average Water Absorption (By Weight)             Average 10%

Fire Resistance


Single Leaf

Double Leaf


Loadbearing Walls

2 hours

4 hours


Non Loadbearing Walls

2 hours

4 hours

Drying Shrinkage
Geerco bricks comply with the shrinkage requirements of B.S. 187 I.E. 0.01 - 0.035 %

Reservation Orders
To ensure supplies:-
GEERCO Brick company operates reservation order system. This enables the Architect or Specifier to reserve their brick requirement even though specific quantities or dates may not be known. Should the project be subsequently cancelled there is no obligation whatsoever on the Architect or client.


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