GEERCO, offers a varied colour range of Sandlime Blocks and Bricks together with special purpose (common) sandlime bricks for use below d.p.c, in footing and general brick-work and wide range of special shapes and sizes. Technicals and practical advice is readily available to Architects, Designers, Engineers & Contractors and our Technical Department is equipped to calculate your requirements.

Sample of any GEERCO brick can be promptly provided. The rapid and flexible GEERCO production process facilitates efficient mechanical loading of your vehicle or quick economical delivery including crane off loading to your site or lay down yard.

The basic materials from which GEERCO's calcium silicate bricks and blocks are manufactured comprise silica sand, Quick Lime (which is Hydrated in our Re-actors during mixing); and sufficient water to facilitate the moulding of the materials. This mix provides the smooth Sandlime Products. If required, an appropriate colour pigment is added at the mixing stage, to achieve the colour of brick or block desired.

Every operation in the supply and mixing of materials is electronically controlled to ensure consistent colour and quality. The resultant material is then moulded into brick shape by automatic presses designed to afford accurate compaction into the desired shape and size. The bricks are then transferred by trolleys into giant pressurised steam autoclaves, where for some hours, they undergo controlled curing in an average steam temperature of 175C at a pressure of 15 Atmosphere. (213 p.s.i.)

It is during this stage of production that calcium silicates form within the bricks to combine the composite materials firmly together, ensuring their strength and readiness for use immediately on withdrawal form the autoclaves. Throughout the manufacturing process laboratory staff control all aspects of materials and production and carry out regular quality control testing to ensure that the products conform in excess of any specification required in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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