Technical Properties

Size     See Chart 1

Brick dimensions are subject to approved BS 187 tolerances of plus 2 mm or minus 3 mm on the lenght, and plus 2.5 mm and minus 1.5 mm on the width. Co-ordinating size dimensions comprise the brick dimensions plus horizontal and perpendicular mortar joints, assuming the joints to be of 10 mm thickness. Density of Bricks: 1700 Kg/m3

Weights   See Chart 1

Compressive Strength Classes

All Geerco bricks are produced in the following three loadbearing strength Classes in conformity with BS 187.

  • Class 3 - 20.5 N/mm2 (8,500/psi/in2)
  • Class 4 - 27.5 N/mm2 (4,000 Ibf/in2)
  • Class 5 - 34.5 N/mm2 (5,000 Ibf/in2)
  • Engineering Brick - 59 N/mm2 (8,500/psi)

These various strengths are obtained by variation in the material composition, the pressing and autoclaving of the bricks. Due to the particular production techniques employed Geerco bricks are consistent in strength.

Regular compressive strength testing in carried out on all production batches.

All three classes are, as BS 187 requires, free from visible cracks and noticeable balls of clay, loam or lime.

Special Shapes

A very wide range of brick special shapes can be made to order to match the full range of both blocks and sandlime facing bricks in standard size to BS 4729 as shown below


Geerco can produce the following six colours upon customer's request.

1) White       3) Red       5) Dark Brown
2) Yellow      4) Brown   6) State Grey



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